The PerfOpt Data Center, in Phoenix, Arizona, is collocated in a state-of-the-art Tier-3 Network Operation Center (NOC) which has over 380,000 square feet of datacenter space. The region was specially selected because it is considered one of the disaster-free zones in the entire world. The building itself is constructed of concrete walls, floors, and ceilings further assuring your systems are free from any physical harm. By combining these things with our technological features and exceptional support, we have created one of the premier hosting environments in the industry today.

Network Operations Center


  • Disaster-free zone
  • Concrete walls, floors, & ceilings
  • Outside 500 year flood plain
  • Downtown Phoenix, Arizona


  • Locking, full server cabinets
  • Partial racks
  • Clear height of 10-15 feet
  • Raised anti-static flooring
  • Designated cable runs


  • Chilled water cooling system
  • Two(2) 1,000 ton cooling towers
  • One(1) 1,000 ton cooling sited

Primary Power

  • Two(2) utility vaults
  • Eight(8) 2,000kVA transformers
  • Redundant dual power grids
  • N-1 power architecture
  • Diverse underground power feeds
  • Multiple Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  • ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)
  • ATO (Automatic Throw-Over)

Secondary Power

  • 17 generator positions
  • Nine(9) generators installe
  • Battery backups with chargers
  • 10,500 gallons of diesel storage
  • 80,000 gallons of diesel storage sited

Physical Security

  • Biometric access control
  • Picture IDs with PIN codes
  • 24-hour on-site security personnel
  • Security cameras monitoring and recording
  • Fire Suppression
    • FM200 fire suppression
    • VESDA smoke detection
    • Double interlock, pre-action sprinklers
    • Foam suppression in fuel vaults
    • Pull-box stations near grids

Disaster Recover

  • Spare Hardware / network equipment on site
  • Load balancing
  • Four tier system backups (weekly, daily, snapshot, and transaction level backups)
  • Secure off-site backups
  • 24x7 application and server monitoring

System Setup and Security

  • Internet access - 4 Tier-1 providers using BGP
  • Network Security using firewalls
  • Internal security using VLAN implementation
  • Infrastructure built with Intel and Cisco products
  • Automatic server patching
  • Staging Servers
  • Real-time Bandwidth monitoring for WAN links

Disaster Recovery and Prevention

PerfOpt has designed and deployed the disaster recovery management using industry best practices. We have implemented a four-tier backup strategy which ensures data recovery with a minimum Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The hard drives are mirrored for redundancy. We take a complete snapshot image of all our servers every week and perform incremental backup daily.

One of the most important preventive measures is our security and monitoring system. The servers have secured access and are continuously monitored for any software and hardware failures. The system software is patched and is kept up-to-date from any security vulnerabilities. Our data center has controlled access using retina scan and is equipped with remote monitoring and surveillance systems.