A technology company selling happiness?

How do you do that?

Good question! Read on...

Is your information all over the place?

You just want to do your job. But you have to use so many different systems. You need them all to do your work, but they don’t "talk" to each other. You have to manually export data from one system; fix it or format it; upload it to another system, etc. etc. It can be very frustrating. We understand.

Does it feel like you are avoiding falling rocks?

You are the "computer person", the "IT guy/gal", the "my system is not working and I am going to be upset with you" person. Either way, it feels like everybody is always bringing their technology issues to you. You wish that things would just work seamlessly. Some systems are just old! Some data is sitting in "the cloud". Some systems cause data errors and you have to constantly "clean" the data. And not to mention the duplicate records! It takes so much time to identify and remove these duplicates. The managers want reports. Now you have to get the data from all these systems and put these reports together. It takes so much time. It takes so much energy. We get it

Maybe you are not sure which direction to go.

You are the company’s executive. You need to make decisions about technology and systems. These decisions are important as the systems can be costly. But this stuff is confusing. Everybody is trying to tell you that their system is the best. Every sales pitch is compelling. But how do you decide? A wrong move could be disastrous. You would be blamed for anything that goes wrong. You may even lose your job! You wish somebody would just absorb the details and give you the bottom line. Some unbiased recommendations. A couple of good options, so that you can make an informed decision. We understand.

Our super heroes can help!

We look at the big picture.

We evaluate your whole infrastructure: hardware, software, network, security, vendors, partners, etc. etc., to get a holistic view of the issues. We work with you to understand your vision, your needs, your challenges, and your goals. We work hard to understand your frustrations. Advances in technology occur every day. Your organization’s needs change over time. PerfOpt can help you determine if you are using technology to your best advantage.

We solve the complicated problems.

Once we understand your pain points, we work on finding solutions. We are used to getting down in the trenches to do the hard work. We are great at analyzing problems. We can identify where the gaps are, what is causing the frustrations, where things are broken, and we can fix them! Based on a thorough analysis of your technology requirements, we can recommend the best available technology resources to meet your needs.

We set the gears in motion.

Once we figure out the solutions, we work on implementing them. We can fix hardware and network issues. We have experts that can handle security issues. We can work with different vendors to figure out if there are ways to make their software work better with yours. We have programmers that can create custom software to build bridges between software, or automate any tasks that are being done manually. We strategize, analyze, and optimize!
We are experts in solving problems.

So call us already!

Make your life easier

Let us do the hard work. Let us use our experience to solve your problems. Read the boring technical stuff on the other pages on our site, if you have to. Then call the pros. Outsource your tensions. Offload your stress. Alleviate your anxiety. So you can relax. You will sleep better and you will live longer. Take our word for it.

Like we said:

We sell happiness